Blogging from Emacs

I am now actually getting somewhere with my blogging, I have a number of
topics lined up and more importantly some time to write.

Geekish as I am I had to get blogging working from Emacs, the one true
editor. Fortunately, with Emacs there is always someone who has already
implemented whatever you can think of.

I quickly found weblogger.el which provides WebloggerMode. and
which was a breeze to set up through ELPA.

So now I am writing my blog posts in Emacs. Oh the joy!

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I have been programming for fun since 1980, and for profit since 1989 when I started my first company. I have been working on native code compilation of Erlang, with the implementation of Scala, on virtual machines, and with internet scale online payment solutions. Currently I am writing a book on the Erlang Runtime System (ERTS).