The Erlang Runtime System

I recently started writing a book about the Erlang Runtime System. The plan is to have the book done by the end of 2013 and published early 2014. During this time I plan to do some blog posts about the topics I am writing on so stay tuned.

Currently I am thinking of writing the following chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Compiler
  3. Processes and the PCB
  4. The Erlang Virtual Machine: BEAM
  5. Modules and The BEAM File Format
  6. Scheduling
  7. The Erlang Type System and Tags
  8. The Memory Subsystem: Stacks, Heaps and Garbage Collection
  9. Advanced data structures (ETS, DETS, Mnesia)
  10. Different Types of Calls, Linking and Hot Code Loading
  11. BEAM Instructions (25p)
  12. Platform Independence
  13. IO, Ports and Networking
  14. BIFs NIFs and Linked in Drivers
  15. Native code/li>
  16. Building ERTS
  17. The Shell
  18. Operation and maintenance
  19. Crash dumps
  20. The Debugger
  21. Tracing and Profiling
  22. Tweaking and optimizing

Comments on the suggested content are welcome.

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About happi

I have been programming for fun since 1980, and for profit since 1989 when I started my first company. I have been working on native code compilation of Erlang, with the implementation of Scala, on virtual machines, and with internet scale online payment solutions. Currently I am writing a book on the Erlang Runtime System (ERTS).

5 thoughts on “The Erlang Runtime System

  1. Great, will look forward to it! Do you per chance plan to publish it via a publisher, which offers pre-release versions (e.g. Manning MEAP or O’Reilly Early Release)?

  2. I am publishing through O’Reilly and we are planning an early release, but it is too early for any details yet.

  3. There are not many books on Erlang and I own and read most of them. This one seems missing in my collection.

  4. My “real work” took over this fall with the preparation for the Christmas shopping season.
    We managed to get great performance from the system and handled the crazy period very well.
    Things are less stressful now and I’ll have more time for the book and the blog I hope.
    I will update the blog and tweet as soon as there is some more content available.

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